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Contract Molding and Assembly

Specialty Plastics Industries has many Industry contacts that we have worked with over 15 years. We can help you outsource programs of any size, while helping with Engineering issues, Design, Tooling, Product launch, material selection, and processing materials. We are also able to help with product life cycle. Our knowledge comes from a combination of running plants, engineering groups, running machinery, and knowing our products and materials. Contact us today to see how our knowledge can help your program.


  • Machine Tonnage
    Available press time in different tonnages

    Press Time available for 50 ton - 1000ton injection molding presses

  • Program Availability
    Able to taken on current production or New launch
    Our proven manufacturers have the ability and know how to take on either current production or new launch programs..

Expertise in what we do!

  • Not just a "salesperson"
    Our knowledge comes from actually doing and knowing what we are talking about.  The principles have run presses,  have managed engineering groups, and have run programs.  We help from start to finish of the program..


Contract Molding

Molding plastic parts on presses from 100 ton to 2000 ton

Two Shot Molding Available

Gas Assited Molding Availble

Large and Small runs

Tooling support and builds

Local and Offshore plants available for work


Value added ability to assemble after molding.

Able to create a custom assembly job if needed.